{13/31 days} 10 reasons why clients become regulars

This is day 13 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Yesterday I talked a bit about our first clients. We have funny stories about all our regulars. I remember like it was yesterday, when two bald-headed guys, in slippers and backpacks came in and asked for a business card. Or a bearded lawyer taking out his harmonica and singing some tunes in the garden.

We understood pretty early in our history that involving clients is the way to go. But we didn’t understood how much this would me until we first told some new clients that our wine list is created by some of our regulars. It’s reassuring and comforting and people seem to feel less and less the gap between clients and management.

So here is top ten reasons why clients become regulars.

  1. Clients can choose music and create playlists
  2. They can let their laptop overnight.
  3. The nice lady will always find her forgotten umbrella with us.
  4. The chefs cater to every client’s needs.
  5. We involve the clients in creating the menu (both form and dishes, with tasting and stuff).
  6. We are honest about what we do well and, most of all, about our shortcomings.
  7. Free corkage Tuesdays and discounted wine for home.
  8. Boardgames and books.
  9. We stay up late with everybody.
  10. They can cuddle under fluffy blankets and enjoy their tea in peace.

See you tomorrow, with more talk about music and boardgames.

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