{17/31 days} in the press

This is day 17 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Without investing much in public relations and marketing, except what we actually do every day in the coffee shop, w’ve been lucky enough to be featured in several magazines and online, as well. Truth be told, this is twice the luck. This means people like us and feel we are a discovery worth to share. Plus, people will read an come and meet us.

We’ve been featured in going-out magazines and blogs, in daily newspapers, in trendy publications. We have also been featured in magazines published for expats.

For today, just a quote from such an article, and you can read the rest here.

Situated on a quiet road off Batistei street, behind the Intercontinental hotel, the first impression is of tranquility. Outside, a vine shaded terrace, inside, the vital quality as the temperature drops – coziness. Although no more than a quirk of lighting, furniture and architecture, some place have it, some don’t. At a certain point in Lente’s conception, the term “bohemian” was probably used. It has books on shelves, furniture that purposefully doesn’t match, and posters for concerts, exhibitions and shows dotter around the walls and windows. However, it works. The decor hasn’t been overdone to the point where the place would become a parody of what it was meant to be. In fact, Lente wouldn’t look out of place in Paris. Not tourist Paris, more like the cafes in one of the hip residential areas.

See you tomorrow! Have a nice read!

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