{18/31 days} workshops

This is day 18 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Remember I talked about edutainment early in the series? Well, the edu part was pretty well taken care of throughout the time. And this only happened because we make people feel at home, make them feel there is a place for their ideas in our coffee shop (ours and theirs).

We always welcome new ideas from clients that come through our doors. Throughout the time, we have hosted flower arrangements workshops, origami classes (for both children and adults), collage and creativity, personal development sessions, drawing for architects and enthusiasts, graphic novels workshops.

Now we are hosting theater and creative writing workshops, which will continue with a theater class for children. We also plan on organizing guitar and percussion classes for adults. We encourage every hobby and we welcome people to practice them in a friendly space, where they can feel at ease with their passions.

Tomorrow we’ll talk a bit about boardgames. Why most of the public places run from them, and, in the same time, why we don’t. See you tomorrow.

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