{19/31 days} board games

This is day 19 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Nowadays, there is this trend with boardgames. Grown-ups in all their right mind get together to build railways, invade the world on Earth and other planets, play God or bake imaginary pizza. It’s lots of fun, takes the edge off the day, trains imagination, negotiation skills, competitiveness. And it turns a coffee shop into a living room.

In the first stages of a business, a sound business plan is based on cold hearted figures. How many tables, how many clients, how often does the tables are used, what is the average order per table, per client. It’s true that without all this, it’s hard to pay the rent or the salaries and from time to time it even feels you work in vain.

But you should see the living room light up with faces of people that are enjoying themselves, having friends over for a board game.

Every Tuesday and one Saturday a month, it’s board games time. In the organized fashion, with our friends from Taraba de Jocuri supplying all kinds of fun games. We even organize the occasional competition. Our favorites? Dune, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride. We even throw in the occasional canasta game (perfect for long, chilly winter evenings…). On all the other nights, we have a nice selection of board games that people can play. No taxes, no time limit, no strings attached.

The longest we stayed was until 8 a.m. the next morning. Admittedly, it was a 24 hours board games event, but even so, it was hard on all of us. Probably it won’t happen quite like that anytime soon, but we still love board games.

Do you play any board games? What is your favorite? Any recommendations?

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