{20-21/31 days} making friends and throwing parties

This is day 20 and 21 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Yesterday, I was supposed to write about how we make friends at the coffee shop. I didn’t get the chance to do that, because I was orchestrating a surprise party for one of the friends I made at the coffee shop. This should be enough about the topic, but rest assured, I will offer more details.

When you do things that you like and the coffee shop that you create looks and feels like you, it’s inevitable it will attract people that pretty much like you. They like the same music, they drink wine, they have hobbies. They are funny and nice and you have plenty of things to talk about with them.

This is what happened to us. I remember the time I met each of them. The nice girl we celebrated last night came with some friends and thought to ask whether we needed a waiter, because an acquaintance was looking for a job. One thing led to another and we stayed up late, talking about all sorts of things. We always stay up late talking about all sorts of things.

One of the guys is the bearded guy with the harmonica. At first, he looked scary, not too talkative and with impossible high standards of which I was terrified. I got to know him. He still has incredible high standards, which is perfect actually, because this is how I know that the music and wine and food he recommends is always top notch. He brought along another guy one night. I was already accustomed to him and I went on and on and on about all the troubles with the coffee shop. The new guy seemed scared away. He wasn’t. He is one of the coffee shop friends I send postcards to when I am on vacation, without them.

Well, and now, some words about last night’s party. We wanted something special, truly special and truly tailored to our friend’s ways. She is like the mother of the group, always taking care of everybody, never leaving anybody behind. And she is a very warm person and she is in love with The Little Prince.

So we gathered (13 of us), in the attic of the second coffee shop, brought her there under some false excuses, tied something over her eyes, and sit her in the middle of our circle. With the help of two theater directors (we also befriended at the coffee shop) and a DJ for the musical atmosphere, we read The Little Prince aloud. It was very touching and she liked and we liked it and it was the first surprise party I ever organized. I think I have the coffee shop to thank for the opportunity.

Have a beautiful rest of the Sunday and see you tomorrow.

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