2016 in 366 seconds

Happy New Year, everybody!

As I look ahead and make plans and resolutions and wish lists, I dwell a little more on what 2016 was for me. It was a strange year, I felt like it couldn’t end sooner, but it was a very fun year, as well. Some of the highlights? A wonderful summer vacation in the middle of the winter. Being on the sea. Touring the Michelin restaurants in Basque country.┬áBecoming a godmother. Waking up way earlier than I am used to and┬árunning. As strange as it may seem, getting in touch with my body (maybe more on this later…). Going to the theater and to the cinema (more often than ever before, and even by myself, which is kind of wow for me).

Using 1 Second Everyday, I managed to gather daily snippets of my year in a short movie. I watched it several times already and it gives me goosebumps every time. I bet this will happen even more, as time goes by and memories fade. It was a great way of documenting my year, although many a day I found myself torn between several great seconds I lived and recorded. Which, I guess, goes to prove it was a great year, after all.

So, here it is. My 2016 in 366 seconds.

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