Photos I didn’t take – Thailand

My summer vacation in the middle of the winter was definitely photo-worthy, but I also try to hold on to all the sensations, smells, sounds that, unfortunately, cannot be captured by a camera. Here are some of them.

  • The refreshing taste of fresh coconut
  • The low sound of the retreating tide
  • The sound of the singing cicadas
  • The fine sand touching my toes
  • The unusual high noon sun on my skin
  • The perfect texture of a perfect mango lassi
  • The impressive walls of Emerald Cave, with the sky up above and the plants clinging for dear life
  • The hasty little crabs running from us or to us, who knows…
  • The whirling sound of tail boats coming and going
  • The singing sounds of a completely foreign language
  • The busyness of scooter taxis
  • The different kinds of spicy (three, five, maybe seven)
  • The clouds of fish swimming to meet the curious tourists. I was definitely bigger than them but felt so small
  • The white of the rice that goes well with everything (even, strike that, especially mango)

Definitely one of the best holidays yet. With and without the photos.

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