2018 in 539 seconds

Tis the day. For the third year in a row, on January 1st, I count my seconds with 1 Second Everyday. More specifically, 539 seconds for 2018, because why not? Sometimes it’s just so hard to choose, you know…

If I had to sum up 2018, it would go like this: three tattoos, two cats, one viaje al centro de mi alma, friends and food, music, theater and rain, my grandma, my aloneness, my belonging. This expands to a year of hard work and hard decisions and hardheadedness in every possible way, from which today I decide to extract only the good. The bad and the ugly, let’s just say they are water under the bridge. A bridge I am trying to cross and maybe not burn just this once

If you’re curious about more seconds of my life, you can find 2016, here and 2017, here.

I hope your 2019 is filled with amazing seconds, that take your breath away and make you forget to even record them.

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