{24/31 days} going raw

This is day 24 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

We like experiments. We have always invited interesting, driven people to make use of our resources in order to create something beautiful. It’s true when we are talking about music, theater, workshops. And cooking.

These days, we have a raw cook in our kitchen. He is experimenting raw recipes and teaching the ways of the raw. It’s a nice change and people are eager to taste his magic. Desserts are especially spectacular, with the abundance of nuts and fresh fruits.

What you see in the images above is pure magic. Coconut and curry soup. Zucchini pasta, marinated in beetroot sauce, with asparagus. Pumpkin pasta with nuts. Cucumbers curry. Chocolate cake. Lemon or forestberry cake. All prepared with no heat alteration, just by soaking, marinating, blending. Absolutely fabulous.

See you tomorrow, with some stories about how the second coffee shop came into being.

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