{25/31 days} opening the second coffee shop

This is day 25 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Finding the perfect moment to “expand” is not easy. We’ve been looking for a new location for quite some time, not necessarily for expanding. We wanted a bigger place, a lower rent. And then, when we found the house that now is our second coffee shop, it felt right not to move, but to open a second coffee shop.

The first years were tough. But they taught us precious lessons. We negotiated a better rent for a bigger place. We managed to shorten the design time and cut costs way down. We managed to open the second coffee shop in one month, with one forth of the money invested in the first coffee shop.

It’s been a nice experience to see it grow, nice and quick. To see it create its own regulars and routines. We have a larger team here and we had to learn to deal with more employees, a different supply system, a different traffic pattern. But we’ve done well.

Starting tomorrow, I will try to summarize the lessons learned in these five beautiful years.

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