{4/31 days} name and branding

This is day 4 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

It felt only natural, in the order of things, to talk next about branding and name. First and foremost, I have to mention and thank Andrei Botesteanu, the one behind the name, logo design and color palette, first two menus, most of the interior decor and engine of our imagination back in the beginning.

We took our time brainstorming and I remember walking around with the flip-chart pages holding several dozens of name options. I even took them at work to ask for other opinions and fresh views on the matter. We wanted a name that could convey education and entertainment in one. We asked ourselves a lot of questions about what we felt education and entertainment was.

For entertainment, we felt from the start that the coffee cup would be a good symbol, but we also needed a new spin on things. Too many coffee shops have a coffee cup and some steam in their logo. Then we made lists of what edu meant for us. Top choices remained book, pen and glasses. It was Andrei who brilliantly combined the coffee cup and the glasses into the logo.

And it was the glasses that pointed us in the right direction with the name. While looking for witty or funny words that relate to glasses, we found Lente, which means both lens and leisurely in Italian (and we also had the coffee culture connection in that bundle). The full name is Lente & cafea (translated, it’s Lente & coffee). It’s kind of having a slogan, but not really so. And I think it remained like this because one of the name options was “… si cafea” (… and coffee), which was a bit silly, but that’s what put it on the list in the first place.

logo, name and color palette – working proposal by andrei botesteanu

The colors were a much simpler choice, I think. Brown, for coffee. Andrei wanted a mauve, I said stubbornly that I didn’t. The other option was teal. Three shades and hues each. Nice ones, don’t you think? We used shades of brown for seats and furniture, light and dark brown and green (almost teal) for decorations and curtains.

For the font, Andrei chose ITC Kabel, which was modern, yet classy. And it also had five thickness options, which we could alternate in menus and communication templates.

And we also needed a symbol to play with and Andrei decided for two coffee cup stains. We use them on business cards, fliers, even menu covers. People touch it to see if the stains are real. It’s funny.

See you tomorrow with more of my stories. Take care, enjoy your coffee!

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