{5/31 days} before and after

This is day 5 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

Sorry for being late today with my coffee shop story. It was grandma’s birthday and we are looking for a new cook. Our hands, all of them, are full. But I am here now, with photos of before and after the renovation.

When we signed the contract, the landlord was doing some renovation of his own. We still had a lot on our plate, though, to make it look like the coffee shop of our dreams.Plus, all the changes, small and big, we had to make to comply with all the local regulations in the restaurant business.

It was probably the most time consuming and money consuming part of the project. It took us almost 4 months (two of them rent-free), and the cost of all the renovation (not taking into account furniture and decorations) doubles. To say the least. I was totally unexperienced in renovation and stuff. The workers were lazy. They invented issues and costs that slip out of my control. It was frustrating.

But it was also fun to see the things around us change. It was great when we had the furniture in and we could just take a seat and enjoy the moment. Not to mention when the kitchen was all done, with plates and cutlery and all.

My sister was there for me all the time. She brought me food, took pictures, bought nails and stuff. It was nice building this together, and we would sit on the steps and imagine how things will look like in the end. I have nice (and troubled) memories from that time. Looking back, it was a lesson I had to learn. But more about that soon enough.

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