{7/31 days} the weekly menu

This is day 7 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

I know I promised I will be talking about the presentation of our menus, but I want to share a photo with all our menus until now. Photo which I don’t have. But my sister will help with this tomorrow.

Meantime, just a couple of lines about our weekly menu. Titled Something special, the chefs create a different new menu each week. A soup, a main course, a salad and a dessert.

Usually (at least in Romania), special menus (daily ones) are a way to attract business during lunch hours, with cheaper prices and accordingly smaller portions. What we wanted to do with our special menu was not that. Instead, we wanted to offer a choice to our clients and a pool of recipes for the chefs to use when renewing the menu. And it works.

We have a weekly newsletter for sending out the menu to hundreds of customers. There are people asking for something they had weeks ago and want again. We are equally thrilled to taste the new goodies. And we have some favorites, that we repeat from time to time (like the poppy seed and coconut cake we had this week…).

Ok, I told you this one would be short. See you tomorrow with the promised story about presenting a menu.

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