{8/31 days} presenting a menu

This is day 8 of my 31 days of coffee shop stories. Welcome.

For the last two days, I talked about how we created the menu and how we renew twice a year, since then. But this is not where our work stopped in what the menu is concerned. And presenting a menu might be one of the biggest challenges we face, every spring and autumn.

You know those classic menus, with lists of dished and wines? Some with leather cover, other with see-through pages. Some just as simple as print on paper. Well, of course, we never wanted that.

So we started to think about how our menus should look like. We thought about the first one and, then, naturally, we wanted each of the following to be just as special.

The process of creation for each menu was long enough. One, two months. Sometimes more. At times, we worked by ourselves. Some other times, we had help from friends and clients. We sometimes work with the presentation form, sometimes with the content. Or both. We make them small, large, foldable, with inserts, with stories.

Here they are.

calendar menu (winter ’11-’12) // message in a bottle (summer ’10)

newspaper (winter ’09-’10, summer ’11)

music album (summer ’12) // minimalist menu (summer ’08)

keep calm and eat breakfast // keep calm and drink wine (foldable menu, winter ’10-’11)

impressionist menu (winter ’08-’09) // memories album (photos of house guests) (summer ’09)

My favorites? The music album menu, Keep calm foldable menu and the Calendar menu. Want to see more of them? You can find them on Issuu.

We’re working now on the new menu, for this winter, and we’re very thrilled with how it’s gonna be. Can’t wait to share.

See you tomorrow!

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