A day in watercolors

Before the autumn is through and the grays of winter take over, I want to share with you a colorful spot in Bucharest. Acuarela (Romanian for watercolor) is a family business, part art gallery (Imbold), part bistro.


From the outside, the house is nothing special, compared to the gray neighboring houses on Polona street. But as soon as you set foot in the garden, watercolors everywhere.

The old house has a huge garden, divided by wood panels into an outdoor cinema and concert venue in the back and a bistro out front. The bartender serves cold beverages from the friendly looking bus bar, and the shadow is plentifully provided by the colored umbrellas.



The drinks menu makes room for both classics and new inspiration, while the food menu is rather limited, first come, first served basis, but promoting homemade delicacies, like cheesecakes, biscuits, sandwiches. The art menu, on the other hand, is a playful combination of jazz, theater performances, art exhibitions, live drawing and workshops.


The decor is artsy, with a mix of used and handmade furniture pieces, painted by hand and matched to taste. Industrial and second hand pieces, wood and iron, empty frames, flower pots, old toys and handmade decor items, all come together in that sort of look that you either make or break. Although it might seem too much for some, I like the playful combination, maybe because I wouldn’t be able to make something like this work.


The interior is divided into an art gallery (first floor) and the bistro in the attic, for the winter and rainy days. Equally cosy and welcoming, the attic is hardly an option, when you have the colorful garden in the summer. Reminders of color are everywhere: brushes, used watercolors, impromptu works of art by clients, art pieces on the walls of the gallery.


If you decide to stop by, make sure you’re not in a hurry, take your time and enjoy the watercolors.

Imbold, Galeria & Acuarela
40, Polona Str.
+40 745 662 889
Mon-Sun: 11a.m.-midnight

Later edit: Unfortunately, this place is no longer open.

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