Beca’s Kitchen

From time to time, wandering the grey streets of Bucharest, I am lucky enough to find a welcoming, warm and cozy place, where the food is fancy and tasty and the service is friendly and helpful. One of such place is Beca’s Kitchen, the endeavor of Andreea Beca, who selects the ingredients, cooks herself and smiles at you at the table.


Located just 15 minutes away from Romana Square, on Eminescu street, Beca’s Kitchen is a non-smoking space, perfect for a quick lunch or an afternoon meeting. The menu is short, but tasty and some of the dishes change daily, based on the chef’s inspiration and the offer at the grocery.


What you see in the photo above is a very delicious cauliflower cream soup, with tasty and walnut-y croutons. And for dessert? Chocolate and banana tart, alongside homemade ginger juice.


It’s a lovely place. A small place, with a homey feel. Somehow, being able to put a face behind a place makes you trust it even more, makes you support it even more. Take this as my recommendation.

Beca’s Kitchen
80, Eminescu str.
+40 722 308 960
Tue – Sun: 12.00 p.m – 10 p.m.

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