Bony {part 2}

A couple of weeks ago I started sharing my first short script, about an old man and a cat. Here is how the story unfolds. The cat in the image below is not Bony, but it could well be, if it suits her schedule.

Here you can read the first part of the script: part 1.


Early morning and the light reflects strongly in the windows. Car and tram noises in the distance. ILIE appears in front of the gate, looking curiously over the fence and goes in carefully, trying not to move the screeching open gate. He has a covered plate in one hand and a blue plastic bag in the other. He walks quietly towards the shed, trying to make something through the windows, but the light is too strong and he shuts his eyes.

A spotted cat sits on the chair with the blanket. It sleeps and makes no move when ILIE enters the shed.

(putting the plate and bag on the table and moving the chair with the cat)
Hey, can’t you see this seat is taken?

The cat wakes up, stretches, and goes off the chair. It walks between the table legs and the boy’s leg.

(sitting on the blanket)
Where did you come from anyway? You won’t have a long life around here, you know.

The entrance door opens and VASILE comes out with his heavy pace. ILIE jumps off the chair and looks busy with the blue bag, taking out a piece of bread.

(going towards the shed)
Boy, didn’t I tell you that seat is taken?

(leaning to point to the cat)
That cat was sitting there, I just send it away.

(sitting at the table and uncovering the plate)
Where did it come from? Take the cat and off you go.

(grabbing the cat)
I didn’t bring it, but I’ll gladly take it away. It doesn’t want to stay with a grumpy old man anyway.

(sighs and takes the bread out of the bag)
Me neither.

(going towards the gate)
You have a fork in the bag. I’ll come later for the dishes. Enjoy!

VASILE starts eating gazing absently over the plate, towards the house. The gate screeches and ILIE whistles a tune carrying the cat away in his arms.


VASILE has his elbow on the table and gazes away. From time to time he passes his hand through his hair and sighs deeply. There are bread crumbs on the table, an empty plate and dirty fork.

The gate screeches. VASILE looks towards the gate but there is nothing there. He gets up and looks attentively. From the moving grass the spotted cat emerges.

(going towards the cat)
Like I didn’t tell him to take it away from here…

(picking up a stone and throwing it at the cat)
Go away, I need no company. Didn’t you hear to go away?

The cat lies in the grass, licking its paws. VASILE is making noises trying to scare the cat away. He gives up after a while and goes back in the shed mumbling.

You’ll go away sometimes, you’re not getting any food here.

The cat follows VASILE and lies down on the blanket on the chair in the shed.

Damned cat. That seat is taken, can’t you see that?

VASILE sits on the chair a while longer, frowning at the cat on the other chair. He gets up, grabbing the side of the table and goes towards the house.

(opening the door)
I hope you’ll be gone when I wake up, or else… That seat is taken, hear me?


VASILE gets the blanket off his head and tries to get his eyes accustomed to the darkness. On the table by the window, the cat is licking the leftovers in the dried plate.

(getting up)
Oosh! You damned vagabond cat. I don’t need any guests. Get away from there, hear me?

VASILE takes the cat off the table. The cat goes up on the couch, lying near the pillow.

(with a frowning smile)
And this is how I get to do the dishes. I can’t send the plates back after you no good cat put your damned tongue on them. What would Marioara say about that? You damned cat…

VASILE takes the plate and fork, gathers with the back of his hand the bread crumbs in the plate and goes into the kitchen, right across the hallway. He turns on the light and gets the water running. VASILE walks by the window to the shed and comes back with the plate from breakfast and the blue bag. Dish sounds in the kitchen. Lights go off and he comes into the living room with a plastic bowl in his hand.

(putting the bowl near the door)
Some milk and bread for you. If you get stomach aches, don’t leave traces behind. Dinner is served, you damned cat.

The cat goes to the bowl and eats the bread and milk making noises. VASILE sits on the couch looking out the window, checking the cat from time to time.

The gate screeches and ILIE comes in the garden, looking towards the shed. He goes to the entrance door. Steps in the hallway and ILIE comes into the living room. Turns on the lights and looks amazed and towards the old man and the cat.

I see you too are friends now.

I thought I told you to take it away.

And I did. Not my fault it’s crazy and came back.

I did the dishes, they’re on the kitchen table.

(raising his eyebrows)
You? You did the dishes?

Let it finish eating and take it out of here. Maybe it’ll get the message this time around.

I don’t think it will. But I’ll take it, if you say so…

You reckon the cat’s like you?

Or you…

Didn’t leave already? Sharp-tongued, just like your father, aren’t you?

ILIE goes into the kitchen, dish noises. ILIE comes back with the dishes in the blue bag in his right hand. He takes the cat in the left hand and goes into the hallway.

(peeking at the boy)
Did I turn on the light?

ILIE comes back and turns the lights off with his right elbow.

(talking to the cat, out loud)
What did you see in this grumpy old man, I really don’t get it…

Good bye then. Thank your mother for the food.

VASILE stays on the couch looking through the window at ILIE going into the garden with the bag in one hand and the cat in the other. He follows him with the eyes and he goes past the fence and then lays on the couch, back to the window, blanket over his head. He stays like this for a couple of seconds, then faces the window, smiling to the milk bowl in the dark.

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