Bulz, the yummy childhood


I don’t remember eating bulz too many times as a child, but, somehow, this is one of those dishes that speak childhood to me. I’m not sure if it’s considered a traditional Transylvanian dish, but I know there are at least a couple of ways to prepare it. No matter the recipe (be it Transylvanian, Moldavian or shepherd’s bulz), there has to be polenta. And polenta is one of my big loves.

Using the baking pot pictured above was definitely long overdue. We bought it back in July, on our trip to the Bulgarian seaside. They make absolutely delicious oven-baked dishes in these and the standard was way high. But no one can go wrong with a bulz.

The drill is quite simple. For two servings, you will need a polenta (one, one and a half cup water, 150g cornmeal, pinch of salt), 100-150g bacon, 100-150g cheese and two eggs. Once the polenta is done, you would alternate layers of polenta, stir fried or grilled bacon pieces and cheese, and top it all up with two eggs. It takes about 20 minutes for the eggs to cook in the oven, over low to medium heat, and when they’re cooked to your liking, you’re all set to serve and enjoy.

Some notes: polenta needs to be creamy, not too thick, it will get a bit thicker in the oven. The cheese I used is one of my favorites and it is called branza de burduf. It is a cheese made of sheep’s milk, slighted salty and kept in a sheep’s skin or stomach. It doesn’t sound as yummy as it actually is. If this is not something you can easily get your hands on, I recommend a softer cheese, which melts slightly.

Let me know if you ever try this, I would love to know if somebody out there would be interested in trying this Romanian dish.

What else is cooking in your kitchen?

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