{collecting} more felissimo pencils

My collection of Felissimo pencils keeps growing and I might even build up enough courage to actually use them. Rachel from Elephantine suggested a coloring party, which sounds pretty good, but I have to keep my control freak self under control to let all my guests draw, mix and match the pencils. In the meantime, here are three more sets for your delight.

true lemon, sunshine, lemon drop, golden childhood, rapunzel, flaxen, down home sun, upsy daisy, puebro, buttered rum, tumeric, caravan, rhett butler, orange blossom, natchez, lilly marlene, turnip, montego bay, bonfire, peaches and cream, ladyfinger, orange sherbet, pale pumpkin, lobster bisque, september leaf

vivien, windsor rose, sambal, tiramisu, hopscotch, earth brown, aubergine, tragedy, secret past, anaconda, mahogany, tobacco road, tea with milk, walnut, raccoon dog, pecan, soldier suit, coconut, truffle, black coffee, creme de cacao, caffe latte, semi-sweet, buster brown, apricot brandy

cyan, indian princess, pastel turquoise, east of eden, green puff, summer sea, bluegreen velvet, celtics, bobby shaftoe, rivulet, garden club, parrot, snow pea, sister susan, california passion, drizzly afternoon, glacial lake, zuni stone, porcelaine blue, hawthorne valley, red-tailed cat, grasshopper, spring green, deep aquamarine, prussian blue

Have a colorful week, my friends!

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  • Gabby
    Jan 23, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    hi, did you ever complete the felissimo 500 set? of so would you consider selling it? please email or tweet me at @gabbyisactive

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