Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your living-room or your best friend? I might just have the right thing for you. And this might just be one of the things that make you say “why didn’t I think of that first?”…


Simple, yet elegant, eco-friendly and chic, Cup&Candle is much more than a candle in a cup. Cup&Candle is the relaxing moment at the end of the day, the bit of elegant past that makes its way in our crazy modern lives, the scent of peace and beauty.


Oana is a beauty lover. Working as a magazine editor, she fills her evenings with perfumed soy wax she turns into lovely candles. And not any type of candles, but ones in beautiful porcelain cups from Bavaria or Czechoslovakia, or cups bearing the renowned marks of Rosenthal or Villeroy&Boch.


Each cup has its story, its past and Oana is careful with all those details. She can tell you when and where a cup was produced, based on its pattern or color, if it has been hand painted or mass produced. She selects beautiful vintage cups, as well as modern times cups that can tell a story.


The cup in the picture above is from Poland, where they don’t use color, but embossed patterns, and the cup below, with beautiful lilac roses is Thomas – Rosenthal beauty.


Some technical details: the wax used is non-modified soy wax, which smells better and burns brighter and longer than the paraffin wax used most commonly in home decor candles. Once the wax is used, the cup can be refilled with wax (Oana is very helpful in that respect, if the great distances do not separate you), or washed with warm water and dish soap and then used for your favorite latte or tea. A medium candle (like the ones in the photos above, with one wick) burns for approximately 16 hours. Oana is very careful with the scent and she follows the recipe carefully, this way the candle will only have a delicate scent and will not disturb you in any way (as might happen with other mass produced scented candles).

Be sure to check Cup&Candle for when you’re creating your shopping lists this year, who wouldn’t want such a lovely, eco-chic gift?

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