Elderflower-scented memories


You know how smells can wake up dormant memories like no other physical clue? For me, it’s very much like that. The smell of a soap, of a cooked dish, or the smell of a flower can take me back years and years, to bits and pieces of memories I didn’t even realize I still had.

The smell of elderflowers. We used to drink homemade elderflower juice as kids. It was a long time ago and every spring I feel the smell of flowers and long for that taste again. No more longing this year. What better way to celebrate children’s day, than with homemade elderflower juice?

And here’s the recipe I received (the actual quantities I used are in parenthesis), and it turned out really tasty.

In a 7 liter pot or jar (5 l plastic bottle), put 15 elderflowers, 1.5 kg sugar (400g sugar + 100ml agave syrup), 2 lemons, sliced, with the skinĀ and all, 150ml white vinegar (apple or wine) and top up with 5 liters water (only 4 liters fit in my bottle after adding all ingredients). Let sit at room temperature, away from the sun, for 4-5 days, stirring twice a day. Strain and refrigerate. Drink and enjoy.

Happy children’s day! Take care of the child within!

Later edit: the less sugar you use, the shorter the “shelf life”. So make sure you refrigerate and drink within a couple of days, if you go for the less sugar version

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