I wrote a poem

I woke up in the middle of the night
wishing I had a superpower

Maybe to read minds… to know if you are thinking
about me right now…
But what if you are not?

Maybe to fly with the speed of light… to come to you, broken in pieces
to be made whole in your arms
But what if there’s no room for me there?

Maybe to see the future… to know if there’s any hope
to actually kiss your lips one day
But what if your lips will be forever away?

Maybe to turn back time… to keep the door shut
and don’t let your light shine through
But my life would be so empty without you

I know what I want my superpower to be

I want to write poems,
to tell the world how I feel about you

How your absence and the distance
bore a hole the shape of you
In my fresh sheets and in the way I breathe

How my heart skips beats after beats,
not knowing if it should push through in the off chance
there’s room for me in your arms
and I might kiss your lips someday
or just stop beating,
happy that it felt the need to write a poem for once in this life

I have no superpower
and I don’t have you

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