{inspiration} in a cup of infinitea

Remembering the times I used to sip tea, not a care in the world. A post from late summer 2011, about a serendipitous discovery in the busy, ever busy Bucharest.

A lovely teahouse, hidden in a lovely house, with antique furniture and a secluded backdoor garden. Flowers in tea pots, magical liquors in tea pots, chocolate chip cookies and caramelized apple cake. Lovely, lovely couple of hours spent at Infinitea.

feeling like alice in wonderland

rejoicing in the vivid colors

tasting delicious caramelized apples

admiring a whole new way of using picture frames

feeling the breeze and listening to the silence

smelling the matte incense of half liter pure liquid joy

losing myself in the magic

They say it’s better to have three days without food, than a day without tea. They, the Chinese. True wisdom, deeply rooted in tea.

Infinitea Tea House
7, Grigore Romniceanu Str.
+40 723 175 300
Mo-Sun: 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.

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