It’s the end of an era


Today it’s the end of an era. I moved out of my workshop space at Assamblage, after much thought and consideration.

This came as one of the solutions to my much complicated daily logistics. With three coffee shops to visit daily (hopefully), our freelance translation projects and whatever might come up on top of that, I found myself lacking the time and mood to incorporate workshop hours. Because I didn’t want this to be the end of my jewelry making endeavour, I decided that moving the workshop in one of the coffee shops might simplify things and give me more chances to end up at my bench.

I am rereading the lines above and they sound cold and calculated. Actually, I am a bit sad. I longed for a community, a team and for a while I had it. Now I feel on my own again and a bit afraid that dust might end up settling on my tools.

But I must be brave*, right? Let’s see where this new road leads me.

*bracelet charm I did for Alis. Sorry for lack of focus, but it’s just how I would see it if I would give way to some tears now…

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