List of lists #1

I though of writing a New Year’s post, full with plans, lists, resolutions. However, I remembered my word for this year is light and, in the spirit of feeling/living lightly (say, like a butterfly), I decided no resolutions would be a better plan.

Then again, this is a good opportunity to share some lists I found these past days all over the www and, so, a new feature was born. List of lists. This is only the first instalment, because who doesn’t love a good list?

15 wonderful quotes about life from children’s books
30 quotes from Haruki Murakami’s books
25 life lessons from a grandfather
23 best independent movies of 2014
50 best wishes for my little sister
7 tricks to learn a new language
20 best books of 2014
14 New Year’s resolutions you can take from fortune cookies
8 things to eliminate from your daily routine
21 things to stop caring about in the New Year
15 phrases that will change your life

Some make for a good start of resolutions lists, don’t they? Any list you’d like to share?

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