london, the one with minerals

Yesterday, we spent almost 8 hours in the National History Museum. The quantity of information is overwhelming, but the installations and displays are so smart and interactive and fun, that you don’t really know when the time just flows by. We tried to visit all the galleries, but surely we missed a few. Of course, my full attention was dedicated to the minerals collections. Absolutely fabulous.

Every time I visit such a museum, packed full of information and covering many topics, I feel like I am more stupid when I leave than I was when I came. My brain struggles to comprehend and memorize and organize all that information, yet somehow I feel stuck. So I buy books. I bought books yesterday, on minerals and precious stones. Otherwise, all the name labels would have just vanished right from before my eyes.

Here are some of the minerals and gems on display. More of them on Facebook. And more posts about my trip to London, here.

minerals at the National History Museum - mother of pearl

minerals at the National History Museum

minerals at the National History Museum

minerals at the National History Museum

minerals at the National History Museum - opal


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  • Kaija
    Mar 11, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    I was there last June and happily planted my darling boy on a bench with a good book while I spent hours viewing and photographing the minerals. The mineral gallery was the quietest on that day, and it had an entirely different air about it anyway. Possibly one of my favourite places in the world now that I think about it 🙂

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