london, the one with the food

Street food in London is pretty tasty. And I’ll never say no to fish and chips. Their cheese is so nice, as well as their crispy bacon on the salads. And, of course, the carrot cake and bread and butter pudding. Let’s not forget Borough Market, the heaven of cakes and cheese and salami and vegetables and street food.

Here are just some snippets of our lunches and dinners in the city. More, on Facebook. More posts from the trip to London, here.

Club sandwich

club sandwich at boyden’s kitchen

Mmmm, pancakes with chocolate

banana and chocolate pancakes at boyden’s kitchen

Fish and chips at the Borough Market

fish and chips at fish!

Apple crumble with vanilla custard

apple crumble with vanilla custard at st. martin’s in the field

Tapas at Pix Bar

tapas at pix bar

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  • David
    Apr 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    The pancakes and tapas look super yummy!

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