looking up, looking down {1}

Hello, lovely people. Hope the weekend has treated you well, with sun and friends and all things nice.

Here we are, at the beginning of a new and shiny week, and I want to share with you a little project I started last week. It’s called Looking up, looking down. It’s all about me not having my cameras with me, not one of them, but always having my iPhone. And I thought I should be more attentive to all the things I am passing by on the streets each day. So Monday, a week today, I decided I should start a photo a day project of my own. Actually, two photos a day: one looking up, one looking down.

It’s been fun and sometimes I made rather lovely discoveries. Sometimes I felt frustrated because the day went by in a heart beat and there I was, without having looked up or down at least once and in desperate need to go for a walk in the neighborhood and see what the night brings in my path.

The week came to an end and here are my 14 images for the week. All taken with Hipstamatic on iPhone.

{monday} up: butterfly sky // down: so relaxed

{tuesday} up: sun is up // down: some timid shadows

{wednesday} up: a reflection // down: don’t tramp on my heart

{thursday} up: waiting for a serenade // down: where’s my muffin?

{friday} up: light at the window // down: afraid of my own shadow

{saturday} up: off with its head // down: ladybug-stone

{sunday} up: i was a tasty apple back in the old days // down: youth days are gone

Hope you enjoyed this photographic journey through my week. Sunny days to you!

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