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harry potter

It was that time of my life again, the Harry Potter time. Once every one or two years, I go back to Harry Potter and go through the books and the movies one by one (book-movie in pairs). This time around, I was lazy, so I skipped the books and only watched the movies. Eight of them, in one week or so*.

Some people are glad to find a Harry Potter fan in me, others look at me in disbelief, while a handful of them raise an eyebrow and can’t help but smirk condescendingly at me. To each his own, to me, my Harry Potter marathons.

Here are a couple of magical things I would love to have in my life and I bet you would, too.

self cleaning dishes (my sink would thank me right about now)
a clock showing where people are, so I don’t have to worry when they are not answering their phones (you know who you are)
the ability to make objects come to me (especially during HBO movies, that have no commercial breaks and when I am really lazy)
Floo Powder (buh-bye, traffic jams) and Portals (hello, international hassle free trips)
Hermione’s magic bag (no explanations needed, I assume)
a time turner (for when I have to be somewhere, but I would rather sleep a little more in the same time)
a rememberall and a pensieve
a pet owl (to accompany Dots, of course)

*Skipping the books was not a good idea, actually, since my HP overdose was way too short and, in hindsight, unsatisfactory.

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