Movies, lately #4: Jake Gyllenhaal


It’s been a while since I shared here my movie adventures. Maybe because there weren’t any worth noting. But this year, just like with music, this will hopefully change. I am optimistic; one month into the new year, and I already added 10 titles on my list, documented on Letterboxd*.

Back to the movies, then. These days, I am in the Jake Gyllenhaal mood. After watching Nightcrawler and Enemy, I went back to Donnie Darko. Still on the list are Love & Other Drugs, Zodiac and Brokeback Mountain.

I like his quirky, troubled, misunderstood characters. I like it that he doesn’t have it easy and, even if he wins my compassion and attention, goes on with his work and troubles, diligently and patiently. I like that he is kind of dark. Dark grey, actually, yet his eyes light up with purpose and meaning.

I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to. (Donnie Darko)

Have you seen his movies? What do you think?

*I am still looking for a phone app for this, so if you know any, do let me know (imdb has too much information, I am looking for a Pinterest for movies kind of app…)

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