Movies, lately #5 // La moustache


What makes you, you? Is it the way you walk, the way you talk? The people you love? The things you enjoy? The places you’ve been or the books you’ve read? The clothes you are wearing or the crooked teeth*? Is it your mustache?

The other day, I watched La Moustache, directed by Emmanuel Carrere. It is an unsettling movie about something so mundane and unimportant like a mustache. Such a modest premise gives way to a journey within, questioning life, relationships, past and future. Asking questions is the only way, the only answer, because answers can not be considered the truth. Another journey, this time a real, palpable one (as real as it might be in this context) is what brings the circle to a closure. The shaved off mustache has grown back and things (seem) to have gone back to normal.

*I went through a phase a couple of weeks ago. I called it the mid-week crisis. It was a Wednesday. I plan on writing a longer post about this, sometimes soon.

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