My Thai adventure

Two weeks ago today, the jet lag got the best of me and I was fast asleep before my head hit the pillow. For a couple of days after, I talked about my Thai adventure, remembering tastes, feelings, goose bumps. I went through the photos a couple of times and I even started this post almost a week ago, but somehow I wanted to settle back into my life, to let the tan, the memories, the jokes set in before I started ordering them, presenting them. Just so you know, the tan is slowly fading, so I am already thinking about the next holiday at sea.

What you see below are some snippets from my three weeks summer holiday in the middle of the winter, which, in itself, it’s nothing short of extraordinary. I will share some links, some superlatives, but this is by no means a travel guide to Thailand. If you like the sea, good food and are curious what people are like in another time zone than yours, you should give Thailand a chance, at least once. I loved it. You may just love it, too.

Thai (1)

The sea between the leaves at Khanom Hill Resort. A long tail boat and a sand castle at Fantasy Resort & Spa.
Freedom is a puppy on the beach in the middle of the winter.

Thai (5)

The best uncertain entree on pineapple and main courses at Nahm, in Bangkok
Entrees and dessert at Bo.lan, in Bangkok

Thai (6)

Just some of the 20+ courses from our feast at Gaggan, in Bangkok. An explosion of colors and tastes, each with its own serving dish and cutlery. It felt kind of nice.

Thai (3)

Best cherry sorbet and a furry friend at Tealily Cafe, Bangkok.
Smooth, silky tea and the best milk ice cream with matcha sauce at Peace Oriental Teahouse, Bangkok.

Thai (2)

Espresso and little plants at Casa Lapin, Bangkok.
Hunkute coffee in minimalist surroundings at Hands and Heart, Bangkok.

Thai (7)

Several reasons to go back to Yang, Koh Lanta, like the exquisite tuna steak, wonderful desserts and cozy surroundings.

Thai (4)

You can find marvelous, quirky, incredibly tasty food at the Khanom Wednesday market.
Ramen Bankara, Bangkok
Tamnak Isan, Bangkok
Nok Style, Koh Lanta

Thai (8)

Elegant set up and tasty sushi of all sorts at Tororo. Unagi rules.

Thai (9)

Lunch with deep fried morning glory at Richy, in Trang (to and from by tuk tuk).
Kopi tasting at Yue Chiang, in Trang

Thai (10)

Some of the flowers in the garden at Fantasy Resort & Spa, jackfruit at Khanom market and the ever delicious, refreshing and unexpected fresh coconut.

So this is it, in 40 pictures (out of a couple of hundreds), how I spent my holiday in Thailand (more like ate it, but nobody’s counting any kilos right now). Not in the pictures, however well worthy of being mentioned (for further eating and drinking): Richey, Roi Thai, Jai Dee Home (best mango lassi), Lanta Ilmare Beach Resort (accomodation in Koh Lanta), Coco Cottage (in Koh Ngai).

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