My tools, #1


I remember the first time I sat behind a jeweler’s bench. Everything looked so intimidating. The files, the saw, the flame. The tool I was most afraid of was the flex shaft.

I bought one for my kit at home, but kept it in the box for quite a while. Then, having to polish some very fine edges, where no file and sandpaper could ever go, I discovered the silicone polishing cylinders. Fatter or slimmer, they could go anywhere. With different levels of hardness, they could easily replace all the sanding paper grits I would use. And mounted on a rotary shaft, well, what can I say, speed definitely helps.

Pictured above are the second hardest through to the softest (the blue one). The hard ones take very funny shapes when used, like the queen you see above, which looked perfect for a photo.

Now that my relationship with the flex shaft is improving, there’s not a single project that I don’t use the silicone cylinders (or wheels) on.

What are your favorite (jeweler’s) tools?

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