Paper love #1 // Origami heart

Paper is one my favorite media and I tried handmade paper, I love writing postcards, I gave collage a chance and I hope to learn book-making sometime soon. Back in 2010 I started a paper project that was abandoned soon after. I had embarked in a quest to create 1000 origami cranes and I stopped around the 25th… My love for origami dates back to secondary school when the Japanese classes included cultural snippets, like origami, kirigami and jan-ken-pon.

A couple of weeks ago, just around Valentine’s, origami was brought back to my attention. Rachel Hazell, the mind and heart behind Paper Love e-course, reached out to invite me to try some of her paper projects*. I’m mentioning Valentine’s because it seemed like a funny coincidence that I end up presenting you the origami heart, but, well, I do love origami.

This is a very easy and fun project. I used square origami paper from my origami collection, but feel free to use any paper, as long as you cut it in squares and it is more or less the thickness of regular copy paper, so it is easy to fold. You can even use regular copy paper and sketch or doodle your own patterns, which might add to the fun. To make sure your folds are nice and tight, you can use a bone folder, but, if you don’t have one, a ruler, pencil or your thumbnail will work just fine.

I decided to use these as ad-hoc envelopes and tuck a nice note at the back, then slip them in books, in my favorite bookstore. This is something that I do from time to time, trying to spread some smiles and these origami hearts are perfect. Or I might include them in a scrapbook. Or both, because there are plenty of origami sheets where these three came from.

I think this is a perfect project for a weekend and you can even get kids involved, if you’d like. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Have a great weekend, friends!


*Rachel was kind enough to provide 5 of her e-course projects, free of charge, for me to try and share one with you. Origami was my go-to choice, but over the 5 weeks of the e-course you will have the chance to try collage, working with words, book making and snail mail. My opinions and these words are entirely my own.

**Stop motion animation created with Stop Motion app for iPhone, the soundtrack is Alone in My Home, by Jack White.

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