Six months in an unordered list

Hello, small and faithful following. Are you there? Probably not, but anyway, here is a list of things that happened in my life in the last 6 months, in no particular order.

Time does fly away, doesn’t it?

  • bought tickets for Thailand in January (10 weeks left)
  • made some new friends on Hello Talk, a language learning app
  • started learning Italian and French and started practicing German, Spanish, Japanese daily (the goal is to be able to speak 10 foreign languages by 40 50 40 years old. I’m not anything if not an impossible goal setter)
  • attended The Power of Storytelling 2017 edition, which left me drained and charged in the same time, in the most wonderful and powerful way possible
  • started learning coding on Free Code Camp and received an Udacity scholarship from Google to learn Android programming (playing catch up on that)
  • started a Masters in anthropology, aiming for a 50% attendance (on target for now)
  • enrolled for a Bachelors degree in psychology, not sure how this will turn out
  • started going to therapy
  • bought a leather jacket, probably the most expensive thing in my wardrobe ever
  • quit running, then started again; quit swimming, thinking about starting again; quit yoga, thinking about starting again
  • read some books, among which Flowers for Algernon and Men Without Women really stand out
  • became a Doctor Who fan
  • wore a dress couple of dresses, a couple of times
  • became a binge listener of podcasts (Gimlet Media rules, biggest fan of Reply All, Startup and Heavyweight)
  • started going to dance shows, theater plays, movies again; sometimes alone
  • took a dance and film photography workshop and I am thinking about buying a film camera and starting developing photos again
  • working on a #heartsofbucharest postcard set. If you want a postcard from me, get in touch
  • discovered this old song that I know have on repeat, of course
  • took a contemporary dance workshop, and I have photos (and a strictly classified recording) to prove it

That’s it.

As always, nice talking to you again. As always, hope to see you soon(er than 6 months). As always, thanks for hanging around.

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