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Back when I was a teenager, books were my best friend. I would read at the dinner table, under the blankets, on the subway. Somehow, along the way, I stopped reading, although more books were always on my to read list. I even looked for excuses – t00 tired, so many books, I don’t really know what I like anymore.

But this has to stop. I am happy to report that January added three new books to my reading list, which is, sadly for me, three more books than last year… What a shame…

I have plenty of books waiting for me, so I thought that I will just put my hand on whatever is closest. This is how I ended up reading short stories, advice on creativity and thoughts on love and the world.

The Hole in Your Head – the debut short stories collection by Alina Vârlănuță. Not your usual short story. Short stories with a twist. Heart warming, yet so painfully aware. This book gave me goosebumps and each new story was my new favourite.

Dealing with pain is a matter of space. It depends how much space you allow inside yourself for it. Now I am 77% filled with love, 18% nostalgia, 1% dreams and 3% pain. You cannot be 100% full. That’s when you start crying. It took me a while to reach these proportions.

Hegarty on Creativity – a beautiful gift I received for Christmas and it was an eye-opening reading. Most of the advice is common sense, but to have them all together, in this handy book, is very useful and, in the same time, reassuring. Creativity is a lot of work, indeed, but a lot of fun as well.

I was at art school in a life-drawing class. The teacher was wandering around stopping at various easels, guiding and advising us. He arrived at one student’s easel and stopped the whole class before addressing us. He said:

When a drawing’s going wrong, what you don’t do is turn over the page and start again. You keep working on that drawing until it’s right. Only then do you turn the page over. That’s how you learn.

He then paused and added:

I suppose I’m talking about life as well.

Big Questions from Little People – we bought this from Paris, two years ago. I am just so sorry it took me so much time to actually read it. Mixed in with questions about space, cow farts and eating worms are questions about God, love, being good. If, sometimes, you feel you are losing your trust in the human race, this book is a good start in getting it back.

We are made by others while we make ourselves. We make ourselves while others make us.

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