Some thoughts on death

I lost someone last weekend. Actually, I lost him 27 years ago. What I lost last weekend was my last chance to ever get to know him.

In between tears and sorrow, a funeral is a good chance to speak highly of the one you say your last goodbye to. Everyone is sad, of course, there’s crying and regrets and time is never enough. From all the people left behind, however, some can cry some happy tears, too, because they got a chance to create memories with the departed. The chance to have laughed with him, to have been comforted by him, to have shared precious time with him.

I am not afraid of death, although this might sound presumptuous. I am only sad that it has this nasty habit of catching us with so many things unsaid and undone. I am even sadder if I am one of those left behind with no memories at all, only an empty space and no chance to have it filled.

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