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After the long and fruitful month of October, blogging about the coffee shops and my life as a coffee shop owner, I am more or less back to the normal posting schedule. And for today I have a really special guest, I hope you will give her a very warm welcome. Petra is from Slovakia and she creates beautiful jewelry in her studio. Her shop, BEPART Studio is full with delicate, elegant designs, that caught my eye in an instant and I am so very glad she decided to share her thought on creativity with us.

Hi folks! My name is Petra and I was born in a small spa town in Slovakia. I study in the Metals and jewelry studio at the Academy of fine arts and design in Bratislava. Recently I have started-up my own shop on Etsy where you can buy my jewels.

What is talent? What is creativity?

Well it is not easy to answer this question. In my opinion it is something inner, something not physical but yet it may be grabbed by each of us. One of the life goals should definitely be finding our talent.

Does creativity need limits?

No. The modern world does not have limits anymore.

How do you fuel your creativity?

I perceive the world around me. We do not know what can inspire us in the surroundings and when we come up with some new idea. If you are creative, you still need to do something. I personally can not let my hands unemployed.

What do you need to create?

It depends if we are talking about a creative process or realization. I need for creative process only a pencil and paper. I have to draw every idea because it is the first creative step. The idea is changing from 2D to 3D. For the realization I need just my studio, tools and material then I am in my own world.

What is your advice for people who (try to) create?

Don’t be afraid. You get the best feeling when you see stuff being created in your hands. At least for me, I love it!

If you’d like to find out more about Petra’s creative process and her jewelry, do stop by and visit her shop, her Facebook page, follow her blog or her Pinterest profile.

Thank you, Petra, for agreeing on this little interview.

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