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Sometimes, you just stumble over something so beautiful, so delicate, so simple, yet so full of meaning that you remain speechless. It’s called serendipity. It’s also the hope that creativity is everywhere and you and I and all those common people out there can enjoy it, have a taste of it. This is how Pia’s little shop made me feel. In her little workshop in Denmark, and inspired by nature and life around, she creates delicate wire sculptures. Pia is here today, to share with us her story of creativity.

What is talent? What is creativity?

Talent, I think, is when someone is using what ever gift they have been blessed with to express themselves in some way. I believe we all have things we are good at. It can be art, it can be music, it can be woodwork – or something entirely different. The important thing is doing something you love – and doing it with love and great attention to detail. That is what makes your work shine. I think the best work is created when someone creates for the pure joy of creating and not to please someone else. Having said that –custom work can also be very fulfilling – there is great joy in knowing that something I have created is going to be a special gift from a person to someone they love.

How do you fuel your creativity?

My creativity is mainly fueled by nature – the power of nature is awe-inspiring and humbling in many ways. I love creating art with pieces of driftwood and weathered wire – these materials have stories of their own which add to the finished piece – the fact that I often have no way of knowing the exact story doesn’t take away from the joy of giving something new life.

I find that inspiration comes in waves. Some days I can get five or more great ideas which eventually all lead to finished pieces of work – and other days… nothing. It is just part of the process. Besides nature, people also inspire me greatly. I have been blessed to meet the most wonderful people in my life. Different nationalities, colors and creeds – and they have all been a huge inspiration. Books and music are also very inspiring to me. Listening to music has a lot to do with what mood I am in and that mood then determines in what direction the creative process will take me. I find that reading helps create new images – and new ideas often have roots in something I have read.

What is your advice for people who (try to) create?

My advice for someone trying to create would be to stay true to themselves. Never sell out. Do what you love and your work will reflect who you are and what you believe in – create from you heart and your work will be authentic. I think people tend to look more and more for that. We are living in a world where so many things are very commercialized and even though every transaction is about money changing hands – it is also about a connection between people.

With things like art, for example, most people are looking for something that “speaks” to them. There needs to be a connection. That connection can only really exist if the artist is true to who they really are. I know my art isn’t for everyone. But I also know that I have created some pieces that mean a lot to the people who bought them and that just makes my day every time I think about it. Being able to create is true bliss.

I am incredibly happy to have had Pia here today, sharing her stories. I hope you feel the same way, too. You can visit her Etsy shop and her Facebook fan page, to say hello and get to know Pia and her work better.

Have a lovely, creative day, friends!

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