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Hello, lovely creative people. I am back from my short trip to Prague and I came back with my batteries full and ready to get on with all the lovely things I have running around in my head. And you know what else keeps you going? Talking with energetic, creative people that can share their experience and their joy of creating things.

This is why I am very, very happy to have Inger here today with us, all the way from Norway. And I bet she loves it, too, because she has very interesting stories to share. Here she is.

What is talent? What is creativity?

I find it hard to describe talent, it is a set of characteristics. One thing missing and the potential seems to not come to fruition. You need a certain amount of daring so you are not scared to screw up. Without perseverance talent goes no where. Talent is the ability to excel in a field. Creativity is the ability to see connections and possibilities others overlook. Creativity is the ability to forget limits and think outside the set borders of what is generally considered as possible.

Does creativity need limits?

People need limits it seems but creativity is limitless. It is the limits placed upon people which stifles creativity.

How do you fuel your creativity?

I do not fuel my creativity, it just is. I can not not be creative. Sometimes I am less physically creative and more creative in my mind and other times the creativity flows from my hands in the form of tangible objects but I never stop creating.

What do you need to create?

I create tangible things, from anything I have at hand to intangible things and ideas by reading everything I can get my hands on. The internet has made the absorption of information so much easier and wider. My knowledge of materials I work with also comes from the world wide web.

What is your advice for people who (try to) create?

Think in possibilities and solutions not in limits and problems. Free your mind from what you think people think you should do. Free yourself from the limits placed on you by schooling and society. Do not be afraid to fail. Do not seek approval and just let your mind flow where it will.

Hope you enjoyed Inger’s visit and will stop by her shop, Facebook page and blog to say hi. Aren’t her colors and designs just wonderful?


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  • IngerMaaike
    Jun 27, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Thank you so much for asking me 🙂

  • Kreativlink
    Jun 27, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    Great read! Inger is just fantastic! 🙂

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