Take 5 for creativity: Jules Mounteney

It’s been quite a long while since we gathered for a nice cup of tea and a chat about creativity. I missed the interviews and the chance to recharge with advice and tips from the nice people around. From time to time I would revisit the old interviews and browse possible new ones. But I must admit, I am kind of a silent reader, so getting in touch with some of my prospect guests didn’t feel really easy and comfortable for me. But lately, I am learning PR (or at least I pretend I am) and I thought I might just shout out about this little feature and, who knows, people might be interested in talking about creativity and talent.

Happily, the first positive answer landed in my inbox shortly after my public post on EST forum. And I am glad to introduce you to Jules Mounteney. She has very interesting things to share, so I won’t keep you much longer, but first, here are some places you can find Jules to say hi: Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


What is talent? What is creativity?

Talent, in my opinion, is a natural ability. Something you can just ‘do’ without the need for lots of tuition and guidance. That’s not to say people with talent shouldn’t better themselves with further tuition and guidance but it adds to skills already possessed by the individual rather than giving them the skills to get started.

Creativity is the ability to open up your mind to endless the possibilities of art and design and put them into practice.


Does creativity need limits?

Ohh toughie, art, craft, design and everything else that falls under that umbrella is a very personal thing, what one person likes another won’t. Take my parents for instance my mum loves abstract pictures whilst my dad likes “proper paintings” my dad thinks that the beautiful abstract watercolor hanging in the dining room is just splodges of color, whilst my mum banishes the seascapes and boat paintings to my dads computer room. All the artists have creativity in bucket loads to produce the work that they do but not everybody is going to appreciate every piece. So I think limiting creativity would leave some peoples tastes unfulfilled.


How do you fuel your creativity?

Coffee!!! On a serious note though I’m not sure creativity can be fueled, I think you either are creative or you aren’t. It’s a bit like speaking a foreign language or singing, some people have the ability to do those things, I don’t. I studied french for 5 years at high school and other than the odd word that springs to mind now and again if someone actually spoke French to me I’d be at a loss. I think anybody can be inspired, and fuel their inspiration but actually putting that into practice and creating something from that inspiration needs some level of talent. Personally I fuel my creativity by getting inspired, visiting galleries, talking to other artists, bouncing ideas around with friends and family, once I’m inspired creativity fuels itself.


What do you need to create?

Inspiration, the right tools, and the right space.


What is your advice for people who (try to) create?

Get inspired, check out other artists work (NEVER copy ideas or work though!) Look around, the world is full of inspiration that people miss all the time because they’re too busy focusing on life. Next time you walk through a town centre try looking up at the tops of the buildings instead of down at the pavement, it’ll become a whole new world! Take inspiration from wherever you can, a walk in the park, a rainy day, a line full of fresh laundry fluttering in the wind.

Get the right tools. Everyone’s herd the saying a bad workman blames his tools right, well bad tools shames the workman. You wouldn’t try painting your kitchen with an artists brush or writing a letter with a crayola so don’t try creating your masterpiece with the wrong tools. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying go out there and buy the most expensive, top of the range stuff, just the right stuff for the job. If you don’t know what that is don’t be afraid of going in shops and talking to people that can point you in the right direction.


Find the right space. Think about what you want to create and the processes you’ll need to use. Is your dining table really going to be big enough? Are the children going to damage your work before it gets finished? Will the dog be in the way of you whilst your working etc. If the answer to these or any similar questions is yes then you need to find a different working space. I have a 6ft by 8ft shed at the bottom of the garden. I don’t have to worry about my daughter getting hold of any hot or sharp glass, I have designated spaces to make my beads, make my jewelry and pack my orders without having to put everything away after each task. This will be a luxury to many but when it’s your business it makes sense to get things right from the start. Make it your space and make it personal to what you need, inspiration and creativity will thrive!

owl bead

I fell in love with the owl bead, what a great looking owl, don’t you think? I knew this is the perfect photo to finish this inspiring interview.

Thank you so much, Jules, for saying yes to my proposition and for sharing your work and thoughts with me and my lovely readers. I wish you all the best!

If you’d also like to join the conversation and brainstorming on talent and creativity, please don’t be shy and drop me a line. I would love to hear from you.

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