{Take 5 for creativity} Tabitha Emma

Some of you, who are older friends to my dear blog, might have noticed the change in colors, style and design. This new face is the lovely work of Tabitha Emma, a creative Australian designer and illustrator. Tabitha is a lovely person, as well as a very conscious professional. She is very attentive to details and open minded, as well as very patient with the undecided, like myself.

What I love about her work is the calm choice of colors and the fact that she combines computer generated graphics with her own, hand drawn illustrations, which gives her layouts and designs a unique touch. After all this positive talk, you might imagine I jumped at the chance to have Tabitha invited in my series on creativity and talent.

Before I let you enjoy her story, please note you can find Tabitha on her website, Facebook and Instagram and you can hire her for all sorts of creative projects. The images below are taken from her website and illustrate some of her areas of interest, like illustration, web design, handmade items.


What is talent? What is creativity?

Talent is the ability to do something well. We can all try our hand at things, but those with a talent for it, will do it well. Creativity is the opposite of following instructions. Rather than just reading a how-to, and following things step by step exactly, creativity is pushing the boundaries, using your own imagination to experiment, create and make. It’s adding a bit of your own initiative and imagination to the things you do and make.


Does creativity need limits?

No. True creativity is about trying new things, experimenting and not being afraid to make mistakes. If you box it up and put limits on it, creativity will never have it’s full potential. Limits can sometimes be helpful for certain projects, but no one should ever be afraid to try and break them. Some of the greatest things come from mistakes.


How do you fuel your creativity?

By always keeping my mind open and ready to be inspired. Where ever I am, I have my ‘designer” eyes on, filling my visual memory with the things that inspire me. From everyday things, to nature, shop displays, fashion, urban decay, things found on the internet, raw materials, textures. I just sponge it all up, to help fuel my imagination and creative drive.


What do you need to create?

I love to create, including sewing, cooking, drawing, websites, graphics. I have a strong urge to create all the time. I can’t sit still, I need to make things.


What is your advice for people who (try to) create?

Have fun and experiment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.


I hope you enjoyed Tabitha’s visit and you will check out her portfolio or stop by her blog to say hi.

Have a lovely, creative week, my friends!

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