ten days are not enough

I finally managed to download, select and edit all the photos I took in London.

This time around, the trip lasted 10 days. Another 5 would have been perfect to visit everything we wanted to, but it’s ok, the more reason to go back sometime soon.

We had fun. Visited some museums, ate in the city, went to a musical, visited the Harry Potter studios, shop, went to the parade with the Irish. I saw plenty of owls (at the National History Museum, Sherlock Holmes’s place, Harry Potter tour, of course).

Here are some highlights of the trip. More photos are on Facebook, of course, from Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert, Science Museum, 221b Baker Street, Harry Potter tour, The Globe. More stories from my trip, here.

In case I never told you before, London is my favorite city. With rain and all. And as I write this, I miss it already. But hey, plenty of things I didn’t have a change to visit, so I must go back, no way around it.

221b Baker Street

petrified tree trunk at the Natural History Museum

Science Museum

Dumbledore's office

Fashion at Victoria & Albert (my shoes included)

Borough Market


Audrey Hepburn

The Globe

change of guards

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