The human touch

human touch

The hospitality business is all about people. It’s kind of obvious, I know. But if you go past the first layer – the patrons, it’s more about people than any other field of work.

I was telling you on another occasion about the principles we use when hiring people. We want them smart and funny and friendly. Passionate about their work, striving to do their best. But when everything else is said and done, what we care most about is common sense. Contrary to its name, common sense is not as common as we’d like…

The other day, I was making a list about the lives we’ve changed or touched with the coffee shop. People meeting here, then getting married and having kids. People finding their business partners here. People making friends here (me included). But also people (re)discovering common sense.

Today I felt a bit proud. And happy that we touched someone’s life yet again. Sometimes we don’t get to hire the best people, and we have to settle and hope they’ll pick up as we go along. Like almost a year ago. Fast forward to newly hired waiter that was asking today for a clear meal and breaks schedule. At which point I didn’t need to explain anything, because one of his colleagues did: “It’s not about rules, it’s about common sense”.

The discussion was a bit longer and part of a staff meeting we hold on a regular basis, to remind them (and ourselves) we work with people and for people¬†and it’s best we do this with common sense. It got me thinking about how we touch each other’s lives and how we should make sure we touch and get touched only by all the good things.

Common sense just got a bit more common today.

*Photo by my sister, showing Aitch working on a mural in Lente, last summer.

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