the {hungry} coffee shop owners

There’s a saying I keep hearing lately and I guess it is a sign. They say None more bare than the shoemaker’s wife and the smith’s mare. I guess it’s true. And, come to think of it, it applies oh so well to the two coffee shop owners that we are…

We have two kitchens and four cooks that come with incredible ideas every week. New dishes and tastes, exotic ingredients (admittedly, we don’t know how half of them look or what they are used for…) and everybody praises our menu. But we end up eating junk food at unholy hours of the night and our fridge is either empty or full of things we have long forgotten about. This can’t be good.

There are some good reasons why this happens. One: we have very limited/strange taste in food. I don’t eat veal and play hide and seek with all sorts of vegetables, he can’t stand fish, garlic or eggplants. I don’t like fruits in main dishes (or in yoghurt, for that matter), I am afraid of lentil and the sorts, he can’t eat spicy things or cheese. So there are few combinations that we can actually eat at the coffee shop. Two: we have been eating in the coffee shop – the two or three dishes that actually suit our limited tastes – for the last four years. No matter how much we enjoy them, we sometimes need a change. So we switch to junk food. Three: our not so common work schedule – go to sleep at 4 a.m., wake up after lunch at best – makes us reluctant to spending many hours cooking at home. The best we can do is scrambled eggs.

So here is how the two coffee shop owners end up with a dull, uninteresting culinary life. I might be repeating myself, but this can’t be good.

I am determined to change this sad, sad situation. What’s the plan? Well, I need to learn a couple of things, like what and how much to buy, what to always have around in the fridge, how to cook for two, how to cook healthy, quickly and resource-efficiently.

1. hot chocolate affogato, 2. basil & ricotta breakfast frittata, 3. freekeh baby spinach & almond salad, 4. fig & whisky bread & butter pudding

So there’s no surprise that Jules Clancy’s quick, healthy and delicious recipes sound oh, so good to me. Jules has a degree in food science and one in wine science and she keeps a yummy blog called Stone Soup, where she shares her minimalist approach to healthy cooking. Minimalist, what a lovely word. I can go with minimalist. I love the idea of cooking something good in under half an hour, with only a handful of ingredients that, if you’re careful enough, you can have them around, fresh and tasty. I want to learn and do that. I want to be able to cook tasty for me and my dear ones, without having the disturbing feeling that cooking is something I can’t do right. Grandma always makes it look so easy. And so does Jules.

So I signed up for her Stone Soup Virtual Cookery School.

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  • David Pinacho
    Jul 18, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    I feel the same way on my lunch break. I think and think about healthy options, especially since I have a Sprouts Market right next to the office, yet, I sometimes end up picking an order of fries and jalapeño poppers. Then I end up regretting it after my tummy ache. No idea what hot chocolate affogato is, but it sure looks scrumptilicious so does the basil & ricotta breakfast frittata. Gosh, I’m hungry now. ^-^

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