The photos I didn’t take #1 // Croatia


One week into readjusting from my sailing trip to Croatia⚓ and I am trying to understand how and why my cameras⛵ remained hidden most of the time. From time to time, throughout my trip, I would say to myself: I must remember these colors, this narrow street, this tasty fish, this sparkling drink. I must remember, because no way I am taking my phone out and disrupt this moment for a picture.

At times, I would be lazy. At times, I would be swimming, near water or in the path of the waves. Most of the times, I would just close my eyes and suck it all in. Graffiti hearts, shoes on floors and blue on blue were the only notable exceptions.

To remember, this is a list of photos I didn’t take this time around, in no particular order:

  • Perfect ice cream balls, one on top of the other, in sweet pastel colors, melting from the hot sun, dripping through the fingers, with a perfectly sweet and crunchy cone
  • Raw, wild rocks, covered in green, with blue sky above and blue sea below, just about the most wonderful waking up view there is
  • Narrow streets, lined with houses overlooking the sea from their small windows, adorned with colorful flowers
  • Medium rare tuna steak, with spinach and little potato pieces
  • The tastiest butter, parsley and garlic sauce, perfect match for fluffy bread, with crunchy crust?
  • Finger licking and bread dipping Buzara skampi?
  • The strange, annoying, brain clearing songs of the cicadas?
  • Strong brave sunrises (yes, I had been waking up bright ‘n early, no way around that, when sleeping on deck, with cicadas close by)
  • Bloody calm sunsets
  • Wonderfully dark and deep stormy sea mirroring the blazing lightnings and echoing the tumultuous thunders and sending waves over board to wash away our fears and dreams of greatness
  • The salty smell of sea on my skin?
  • The incredible feeling of freedom combined with butterflies, the stomach variety, when floating over water, even for just a split second?
  • The rocky lines of an island two girls tried to swim around (to be accomplished at a later time, sooner rather than later)
  • This song, our trip’s anthem?
  • Looking out at the sea and feeling small and insignificant, yet safe and powerful?

It was a wonderful experience and I might not take some more photos just like these in the future.


⚓It was my third sailing trip (first two in Greece). We rented a sailboat and used it as accommodation and transportation between islands on the Dalmatian Coast. If you like water, swimming, don’t mind really tiny bathrooms, don’t have sea sickness, this is something you should do, at least once. And also try Tarzan swing, for added adrenaline. And do sleep on deck, for the most wonderful morning views.
⛵I was all geared up, with my iPhone, mirror-less Samsung and 35 mm film Holga (with extra film, just in case).
?The butter, parsley and garlic sauce comes with mussels. Having my hands occupied with dipping bread in sauces might seem like a good reason not to use the camera more
?I know, these are photos I couldn’t have taken, even if I wanted to, but worth mentioning, nevertheless…

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