The photos I didn’t take #3 // Basque Country

Before the winter gets too settled in (and she will, there’s nobody to stop her), I will relive some of my most wonderful summer days. In photos, or like this time around, in photos I didn’t take. Some I could have, some I should have, some I would have, all will remain on the sensor of my mind and here, in a list, just in case.

This is episode 3, taking place in Basque Country. Episode 1, from Croatia is here. Episode 2, from Thailand, is here.



  • The sound of surf-perfect waves
  • The crunch of fresh bread in countless combinations
  • The fuss of starred-restaurant waiters, waiting on a bunch of foodies
  • The clink of glasses with Melocoton liquor
  • The endless pintxo platters
  • The sexy, daring, funky, relaxed surfers
  • The musical French that I can’t understand
  • The wonderful cloudy skies and blood red sunsets
  • The bunch of wine corks I brought home
  • The houses we wanted to buy and move to, at retirement (or sooner)
  • The scent of the ultimate olive oil (goes well with the crunchy bread above)
  • The perfect geometry of end of meal sweets
  • The hustle and bustle of cities so alive, of people so young, of crowds so friendly
  • The craft of bartenders turning gin into magic
  • The peacefulness of walking around, anonymously
  • The perfect curves of smooy frozen yogurt
  • The exhilarating feeling of getting lost in a maze
  • The wonderfully pampering decision to go to the hairdresser’s during a holiday

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