The photos I didn’t take #5 // Portugal

Portugal was too close to home, too unexpected, too messy. But I did see my first peacock (which I photographed intensely).

Here are some photos I did not take…

~ the sweet smell of elderflower
~ mothballs in bathroom
~ a polenta made better with cilantro
~ the smell of ripe lemon orchard
~ squeaking of shoes on empty roads
~ fado and goosebumps going well together
~ the cocktail of languages on a pier
~ the Atlantic kissing my face
~ the smell of secret places
~ the smell of fresh laundry
~ the smell of old houses
~ cinnamon on roasted chestnuts
~ the secret, storytelling smell of a flea market
~ my feet walking on pine tree leaves
~ a sheath of ice cold sea on my skin, between the burning air and the burning soul
~ endless peonies waves at the market
~ a familiar smell in a crowd of people

More photos I did take, the long, 17 minutes long edit, take the form of a 1 Second Everyday freestyle movie, on Vimeo, here.

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