The photos I didn’t take #6 // Mexico

Mexico was a surprise. Overwhelming and magical and sunny and rainy and noisy and dancing and licking yummy food off fingers. I made friends, I mend my heart, I broke my heart back a bit. I took a gazillion photos, some of them on film, some of them made it into my 1 Second Everyday freestyle, to be enjoyed on Vimeo.

Here are some photos I didn’t take:

* the smell and crunch and taste rainbow of street food
* the unexpected pinch of a cactus that doesn’t want to be touched
* the scent of burning incense
* corn roasting
* aztec dances, with rhythm and sound and energy
* rock music gathering people at a taco place
* all the fruits and moles and spices and colors of spicy
* the voices of vendors asking que buscaba que les damos
* Heroes del Silencio in a random Uber
* the voice of a kid announcing the buying of used appliances and what not
* someone whistling a song to the rhythm of the street light timer
* the pride of being considered a local, asked about directions and giving the right answer
* the calm after a CDMX storm
* rap from a car cruising gently on the streets of a colorful small town
* karaoke on Mexican songs in a bus
* the songs, the dancing, the thirst for life
* steamy coffee and crunchy campechanas
* a couple watching the same movie in sync, on two different screens, on a bus
* scent of a mezcal distillery (I added this when I wrote this down – fug yf GIF guff ub – and that was before the actual mezcal tasting…)
* dogs barking from the roofs, why, how do they get there?
* vastness of mountains too wonderful to put into words
* Ace of Base coming on unexpectedly in a road trip playlist (all that she wants, what is that anyway?)
* crickets filling the air between trees and ruins
* water muffling the sounds of all the tourists using my cenote
* the world blurring if you close your eyes just so, in the speed of a bus
* a serenade in the middle of the night
* million stars above and also the bioluminescence ones below
* the gentle rocking of hammocks
* losing my shoe, Cinderella style, in a pile of seaweed
* Mexican music ear worms
* matching nike tshirts on mother and daughter on their morning beach walk
* finally knowing my favorite salsa is the green one
* Mexican words of endearment
* being tipsy and not knowing what to make of that (more than once)

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