The poetry of music on shuffle #1

When my music is not on repeat, extremely rarely that is, my music is on shuffle. And, when I don’t break the shuffle for a repeat, it turns out my music makes some pretty cool poetry.

Here it goes, today’s edition.

Are we awake?
Am I too old to be this stoned?
Was it your breasts from the start?
They played a part

Another life, another time
Another superficial state of mind
I lose myself and lose control
I’m falling down the rabbit hole

What I mean, what I am
What I feel about the meaning of my life
What I need, what I feel
What I like to say and what I lie about

I need your arms around me
I need to feel your touch
I need your understanding
I need your love so much

Hello, hello
You put love in my hand
I know, I know it’s made of lead

A Change of Heart, The 1975 • Long Gone, Calyx & TeeBeeWhat I Mean, ModjoNever There, CakeCharlemagne, Blossoms

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